Other language-related blogs

Here’s a list of other language-related blogs that I love:

Fluent in Three Months: Benny the Irish Polyglot, as he calls himself, seems to be pretty famous in language blogging circles.  I can see why: he moves to a country for three months to learn the language.  He’s fluent in eight or so languages now.  I’m a little jealous, to be honest, but that doesn’t stop me from reading through his posts.

Yearlyglot: This guy learns a new language every year.  2010’s goal is Italian, but he’s also studied Russian, Spanish,Esperanto (which he studied for a week and now can speak fluently), and German, in addition to studying bits and pieces of other languages.  He has a lot of posts about his progress in becoming fluent in a language without traveling to an immersed environment.

Baby Steps to Fluency: Fiona is another language addict (duh, we all are) who speaks Dutch and English and is learning Spanish and Russian.  Her blog has a lot of good resources for language learning as well and she has posts titled things like “How to Really Choose What Language to Study” and “Discover the Solution to Get Shit Done.”  Interesting stuff.

I Kinda Like Languages: IKLL has not only a blog but also a list of short introductory language courses available.  Users can sign up and write courses themselves.  I particularly enjoyed the “Introduction to Norwegian” course on the site; I was able to understand and remember everything I learned.

37 Languages: Keith Brooks’s Twitter page says “Speed dating 37 languages to find the right one for me.”  I hope that says it all right there.  He has a lot of good links on his site for learners of any of the thirty-seven languages he’s learned, and then some.

Street-Smart Language Learning: This guy is writing a book about his language learning experience.  Aside from that, he updates his blog with a lot of theories and articles about language learning.  He also has done a few product reviews, if I recall correctly.

52 Languages: This guy is learning a language a week.  Really.  He isn’t aiming for fluency (!!), but he has a minimal vocab set and a minimal grammar set that he follows for each language.  The tagline on the site is “A New Year’s resolution taken too far.”  I don’t think that it’s gone too far, actually.  I think it’s pretty awesome that he can and is doing this.

Have a language blog?  Know of one I missed?  Feel free to leave on in the comments!


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