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What do an Apple, Flowers, and a Can of Soda Have in Common?

Here’s a riddle for you: what do flowers, an apple, a can of soda, and a chapter titled “Birthday Party” have in common? Answer: I’m not exactly sure, but my Chinese textbook seems to have the answer.  Apparently, Wang Peng … Continue reading

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Five New Ways to Learn to Count

I don’t know what it is–numbers in foreign languages always stump me.  I’ve been studying Spanish for eight years now and I still slip up on numbers.  In Mandarin especially, I have to ask the speaker (usually a teacher) to … Continue reading

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How Classical Nahuatl Became Light Reading for Me

I’m probably not the most normal college student you’ll find.  I’m majoring in computer science as well as foreign languages, for example.  I’m also of the opinion that I’d much rather spend a Thirsty Thursday inside watching Disney movies with … Continue reading

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你好, io estoy ici!

Hola/hi/bonjour/ciao/你好/etc! I’ve decided to try to make my way in the linguaphile blogosphere.  (Ha, my FireFox dictionary add-on is telling me that “linguaphile” and “blogosphere” are not words.  Keep up with the times, FireFox!)  I lurk on a lot of … Continue reading

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